Septic Tank Maintenance Guide To Get Your System Ready To Have Everybody At Home

If your family is getting ready to hunker down and wait out the health crisis, there are some things that need to be done before everybody is home. You want to stock up on the bare necessities and make sure that maintenance is done to ensure you do not have problems when it may be difficult to get the repairs done that you need. The following guide will help you with the septic tank maintenance that needs to be done before everybody is at home to wait out the health crisis that is coming.

1. Make Sure That Your Septic Tank Is Pumped Before It Has to Handle the Stress of Constant Plumbing Use

The septic tank of your home is where all the wastewater from your plumbing goes. The solids in the tank sink to the bottom and the liquids are closer to the surface. Bacteria break down the solid waste, which then becomes part of the liquid and leaves the tank to filter the soils. If the solids begin to fill the tank and reach inlet and outlet pipes, they can cause serious problems. Therefore, you want to make sure that the tank is pumped, especially when the plumbing in your home is being used more frequently.

2. Inspect Your Septic Tank and Drain Field for Signs of Problems That Need to Be Fixed While You Are Doing Maintenance

Inspecting your septic tank is another important part of the maintenance that needs to be done. When the tank is pumped, this is a good time to check the system for problems like blockages, leaks, and other minor damage that may need to be repaired. Repair these problems to prevent them from getting worse when your septic system is under a lot of stress due to your family being all at home at the same time.

3. Improving the Septic System by Reducing Stress with Greywater Recycling When the Family Is at Home

The time when your entire family is at home can cause serious problems with the septic system. This is due to excess water that comes from doing more laundry, taking more showers and using more water. The excess water causes that tank to fill with liquids and can cause solids to get into pipes where they should not go. Therefore, you will want to consider improvements like greywater recycling and set a schedule for showers to reduce excessive water going to the septic tank at the same time.

4. Alarms, Risers, and Other Septic System Improvements to Reduce Problems That Could Become Costly

Knowing when your septic tank is becoming full can tell you when you need to have it pumped or if you need to reduce your water consumption. This is what a septic tank alarm will do for you when one is installed; it will alert you when the tank has problems. In addition, you may want to have risers installed to access the tank to inspect it if needed and other improvements to make maintenance and septic system care easier.

These are some tips to help you with the septic system maintenance that needs to be done before you have everybody at home to wait out the health crisis. If you want to make sure your septic system is ready for the stress of having everybody at home 24-hours a day, contact a septic tank service to have the tank pumped and inspected before your family hunkers down.

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