Schedule A Septic Tank Inspection Before You Remodel Your Home

When it comes to a home remodeling project, the condition of the septic tank probably seems like an unimportant factor. However, if the project involves adding onto your home, it is critically important that you schedule a septic tank inspection before you begin the process.

Drain Field and Tank Location

You must know the precise location of both the septic tank and the drain field before you begin any expansion projects. Septic tanks are not designed to withstand added weight on the surface above them, which is the reason why you should never park a vehicle over the location of the tank. If a vehicle is too heavy, a building structure is out of the question. 

There are equal risks when it comes to the drain field. Any obstruction in the drain field will prevent water from successfully cycling out of the tank, which will increase the risk of a backup. An inspector will provide you with the precise location of each of these components. 

Tank Size

If the addition to your home includes plumbing elements, a tank inspection is very important. All septic tanks are sized to accommodate the home they serve, as their size is based on the number of occupants in the home, as well as the number of water-using fixtures inside. 

When you add a laundry room, bathroom, or bar with a sink, you increase the amount of wastewater your home can produce at a time. An inspection in this instance will provide you with the exact size of the tank so that you can determine if it will be equipped to meet the needs of the new construction.  

Proper Function

A septic system inspection is important for a home remodel because it also highlights any functional issues that you might need to address before the construction project begins. For instance, if you have an older septic system, you may have an older steel tank. Steel tanks are prone to corrosion and rust. Both corrosion and rust will cause the tank to deteriorate and leak. 

Consider a scenario where a homeowner remodels and finishes their basement. If the tank is leaking, depending on the location, some of the wastewater could leak into the basement. Given this scenario, it would make more sense to replace the tank before beginning the remodeling project. 

If you have a home renovation project on the horizon, make certain you contact a technician for an inspection. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers septic system inspections.