Tips On Keeping Your Septic Tank Healthy

Have you recently started experiencing issues with your septic tank? If so, it's likely a sign that you need to have it serviced. Overall, there are things you can do throughout the year to keep your septic tank working its best. Here are some ways to prevent a system breakdown and keep your septic tank and field healthy and thriving for your home. 

Watch What You Put Down The Drain

It's important that you maintain the plumbing system inside your home throughout the year. This means avoiding putting things like food and grease down the drain. Installing a drain trap to catch debris like hair and lint can prevent unwanted items from ending up in your septic tank. Small items that don't biodegrade can end up getting lodged in your pipes and making it ineffective for drains to operate properly. Keep drains clear so that your septic tank can maintain proper function and reduce the risk of a blockage or backup. If you're experiencing slow drains or foul odors, you may require septic services and a consultation from a qualified pro.

Provide Good Drainage Around The Field Area 

Do you know exactly where your septic field is? If not, a septic tank services company will be able to pinpoint the location for you. Does your field experience a lot of run off water from your eavestroughs or does water tend to flow to it and pool around it? If so, you'll need to divert the water source. This can be a simple fix by keeping gutters clean and flowing in the opposite direction. You may have to do more structural work by hiring a contractor to come out and install a drainage system that will divert the water from under the ground. Failure to fix an influx of water can cause the area to become over-saturated, and the tank will require more emptying on a consistent basis. This can cost you needless hassle and money. 

Keep Root Systems Away From The Tank

Do you have a lot of trees in your yard or bushes or plants with big root systems? Root systems can invade the area around the tank and even push into the tank and pipe area, causing damage to the entire unit. This can lead to leaks and clogs that will cause the tank to malfunction. If roots are anywhere near your septic field, this could be a sign of trouble. Keep your tank healthy by removing large roots that are present nearby. 

Keeping your septic tank healthy starts with making sure it's serviced and emptied at least once every three years. In between tank emptying, you can practice taking good care of your plumbing system by not overloading it. The result will be a properly working sewer system that won't let you down.