Getting To Know Chemical Toilets: Common Faqs

Whether you are planning an outdoor family reunion, a wedding, or corporate event having toilet facilities available for guests is always something important to the overall success of the event. Chemical toilets are most often used for this kind of purpose. Here are a few things you should know as a customer in the process of making plans for an outdoor event. 

How does the chemical toilet work?

Chemical toilets use a collaboration of chemicals to break down waste when it lands in the toilet's internal tank. These chemicals are capable of rapidly breaking down this waste and can break down some types of toilet paper. The toilet itself is most often contained in a freestanding vessel for easy portability and convenience. 

How frequently will the toilets have to be emptied?

The rate at which chemical toilets will have to be emptied will depend on:

  • how many people are at the event
  • how long the toilets are in use 
  • the size of the chemical holding tank on the portable toilet

Some toilets will have to be emptied more frequently than others because they have a smaller holding tank for the waste. Most toilets have an indicator line somewhere on the outside that shows when the tank inside needs to be emptied so you can keep tabs. 

Do chemical toilets have a bad odor?

Chemical toilets do not tend to have a bad odor, even though that is a common misconception. Some of the chemicals used in the tank are specifically there to hinder odors as the tank fills up. If the toilet is starting to smell, it can be a sign that the tank needs to be emptied. the chemicals themselves also do not have any odors to be concerned about. 

What kind of toilet paper can be used in a chemical toilet?

It is true that chemical toilets can dissolve toilet paper, but only certain types of toilet paper will actually be dissolved. Generally speaking, the toilet tissue provided for guests should be single-ply or commercial quality toilet paper, which is thin enough and breaks down rather easily. It is not uncommon for the company that you rent a toiler from to stock the unit with toilet paper that is appropriate for use. If you use thick toilet paper or toilet paper that is not readily dissolvable, it can mean your tanks will fill up faster and have to be emptied more frequently. Contact a company with chemical toilets for events in your area!