What Happens If You Do Not Schedule Your Septic Pumping On Time

If you have a septic tank, then you probably understand that the tank must be pumped out and cleaned every few years. However, you may not understand exactly what will happen if you do not schedule the service as quickly as you should. Keep reading to find out what can go wrong if you forego the pumping.

Solids Can Flush Out Of The System

The septic system works in a very specific way to ensure that all solids are retained within the tank. These solids are able to settle to the bottom of the holding tank while the water or effluent rises to the top and is then forced out to the drainage field. When the tank is working properly, only the fluid at the very top of the holding tank will flow from the unit. This ensures that the fluid does not contain a mixture of solids.

If your tank is too full, then fluid will rise quickly in the tank and will release into the drainage field almost as soon as it enters the holding area. It will carry some solids with it. This will often cause your property to smell foul, and since the ground is becoming engorged with nitrogenous wastes, you will see some overgrowth of weeds and grass.

In some cases, the excess fluid and waste will be too much for the ground to absorb and will come up to the surface of the earth. This can cause a serious contamination issue with puddles of waste across your property.

Fecal Matter Can Flow Into The Home

Drainage fields can only deal with so much waste. And, over time, the excess waste will force bacteria out of the system. Since the bacteria are essential when it comes to breaking done the bits of waste material in the effluent, the waste can gather and clog the drainage system. When this happens, the fluid will completely fill the septic tank. 

When the septic tank fills up, the waste has nowhere to go but backward. So, it will flow right back into your house. The lowest drain in your home will fill with waste, and if the backflow is serious enough, it may flow into several drains or toilets. 

To prevent a potentially serious and hazardous situation both inside and outside your home, speak with a septic professional to schedule your pumping on time. 

To learn more, contact a septic tank pumping company.