Here Are Some Advantages Of Septic Systems

When you are trying to decide whether you want to hook your new home up to sewer or septic, you may want to seriously consider choosing septic. This article will give you information on many of the advantages that going with a septic system can include and will also help you understand why sewer may not be such a great choice. 

Disadvantages of going with sewer

If you decide to have the sewer hooked up and the cost was not already wrapped up in the cost of your home, then you will end up incurring these fees. The cost of hooking sewer up to your home can vary greatly, but it can be extremely expensive and even cost tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, that fee won't normally even include the cost of the installation for the actual sewer line, so there will be more fees for that. 

Then you will also have other fees, some of which will be ongoing regular fees. These can include your monthly sewer bill, then there may be expensive sewer repairs that come up and sewer line cleanouts that you'll need to have done every so often. When you add everything up, you'll likely see that the tremendous amount of money you'd be putting out just wouldn't be worth it when septic is such a good alternative.

Advantages of choosing to go with a septic system

More affordable

The installation of a septic system is usually far less costly than hooking up to sewer. Plus, you won't end up needing to pay regular sewer bills each month. You can also avoid dealing with what can be those very expensive sewer line repair issues. You will have to have the septic system pumped roughly once every few years, but the cost is minimal, generally costing around a few hundred dollars. 

Owned by homeowners

Another good thing about going with a septic system is you own the entire system. This means all of the decisions regarding the system are left up to you and the city can't suddenly tack on any fees to you. 

Good for the environment

Another thing many find to be an advantage of going with a septic tank is that they are better for the environment. There won't be the chance of sewage getting into the water system. Plus, the leach field which will be on your property can also help your lawn and other foliage to flourish so your yard will be beautiful for you to look at.

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