What To Expect When Getting Your Septic Tank Pumped

Many homes have septic systems that require maintenance. The most common form of septic tank maintenance is pumping services. You can contact a septic system company to schedule pumping services every few years, and here are the main things you should expect when getting this service completed.

Locate the Tank and Dig It Up

The first thing you might want to do is to locate your tank and dig it up. If you know where it is, this step will not be difficult. If you do not know where it is, it might take some work to find it. If you find it, you can dig up around the lid, just enough to make the lid visible. If the septic company has to dig it up, they might charge an extra fee.

Determine the Best Way to Access the Tank

When the septic company arrives, you can talk to them about accessing your tank. They will have a large truck with a tank on it. Attached to the truck is a hose. They will use the hose to clean your tank, but you might need to figure out how to get the hose to your tank without destroying your yard. They will have some ideas and will aim to minimize any damage to your yard.

The Company Pumps It

When they get the hose to the tank, they will remove the tank lid and examine the water level. If the water level is higher than it should be, they will take the time to examine all the parts of the system, as too much water can damage a septic system. Next, they will insert the hose and clean everything out of the tank. When they finish, you will have an empty tank once again.

They Might Have Recommendations

The septic company might have some suggestions or tips for you, depending on the condition of your system. If your system is too full, they might recommend cleaning it sooner next time. If there is too much water in it, they might recommend cutting down on your water usage. If you have any questions about your system, ask them while they are there, and they will provide all the answers you need.

Getting your tank pumped is a vital part of maintaining your system. If you have not had your tank pumped within a few years, you should cal today to schedule services. Contact a septic tank pumping service for more information.