4 Telltale Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning Services

The drain is one of the most important systems in your home. This is because all the water used in the home passes through it and into the sewer system. Hence, you must treat a clogged drain as a plumbing emergency because you might end up with wastewater backup and damaged plumbing. That said, you want to avoid waiting until you have a clog to give your drain some attention. Instead, hire an expert to inspect and clean it regularly for optimal function. But how can you tell it is time to have the system checked by a professional? Here are four telltale signs to consider.

Water Draining Too Slowly

This is the most obvious sign that the system needs a thorough cleaning. In such a case, you want to observe how the water in the kitchen sink and shower drains. You should know a slow flow means debris buildup in the pipes. As such, you should call in a plumber to clean your drain to restore steady drainage. 

Unusual Noises

When you flush the toilet or run the sink, listen to the sound the water produces as it moves down the drain. In most cases, the water will flow freely without producing weird noises. However, if you hear bubbling noises, this is a warning sign the system has issues. You should know that a bubbling sound means the water is squeezing through a tight space because there is a clog in the system. You should know that this is a serious issue because a surge in water usage can leave you with stagnant wastewater. 

Unpleasant Smells in Your Home

If the drain is not functioning optimally, you may observe unpleasant smells when you enter your home. In most cases, this problem occurs when the waste festering in the plumbing lines sends out a pungent odor. You should know that your plumbing should have no smell unless you have a dirty garbage disposal. As such, if you notice a gas-like smell in your home, it is time to hire a plumbing service professional to inspect the system and clean out clogs.

Standing Water

If you observe standing water on the bathroom floor or kitchen sink, you have a serious drainage problem. Often, standing water indicates a persistent drain clog that needs clearing. As such, you need a drain cleaning expert to clear the pipes and help the water flow again. More so, failure to clean the system can leave you with worse problems, such as flooding.

As soon as you notice these red flags, you should book an appointment with a reputable plumber to clean your drain. More importantly, avoid DIY remedies because you damage your drain system and cause costly repairs. For more information, contact a company like Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer.