4 Signs Your Septic Will Give When It Needs Pumping

The septic reservoir is the heart of your home's waste management system. More so, when the system works efficiently, you get a clean and hygienic home. However, if your wastewater system starts to fail, you may experience inconveniences that make the home both uncomfortable and unhealthy to inhabit. As a homeowner, you should know the signs that it is time to speak to a septic tank pumping service and get the waste flushed. Here are some of the obvious indicators that it is time for pumping.

You Have Pools in the Yard

Pooling water on your lawn after a rainstorm is typical, but a pond formation on or near your sewage drain field may indicate a problem. So, if you notice wetness on the grass after your reservoir has reached capacity, it is best to have the system pumped. Note that this cleaning removes the solid debris clogging the drain field pipe system, forcing the water to the surface. As such, cleaning helps restore water flow and eliminate the health hazards associated with gray or black water on the lawn.

You Have a Smelly Home

Gray water from sources such as showers, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines gets collected by a septic system along with recyclables. More so, when mixed with the black water from the toilets, it produces a terrible stench. Fortunately, this is contained within the system as long as the decomposition happens and filtered water drains well. Furthermore, a closed reservoir shouldn't stink. So, if you smell something foul in your yard, it might be time to call a professional because you could be dealing with septic system failure.

You Have a Suspiciously Green Lawn

The grass above your sewage bed should appear no different from the grass on the rest of your lawn. So, if an area loos unusually lush and green, it may be because liquids are leaking from your septic system. As such, assess the entire yard for uniformity and if some spots are greener than others, call the experts to check for a possible leak.

 Sewage Is Backing Up Into Your Home

Sewer backups signify that your tank is full and also a health hazard. In most cases, sewer backups typically start in the lowest drains, like a basement toilet. So, get in touch with an expert right away if this happens to your toilets.

These are the most common indicators that your septic tank might need pumping. Consult pumping experts close to you and get your systems assessed. Note that scheduling cleaning when needed will keep your system functional and hygienic for many years. 

For more info about septic pumping, contact a local company.