Reasons For Emergency Septic Tank Pumping

It isn't easy to determine if your septic system should be pumped. While many people schedule septic tank pumping after a few years, you may experience an unexpected event that warrants an immediate pumping service. If you notice any of the following signs, contact a septic professional. 

Septic Alarm Goes Off

You should call a 24/7 plumbing service if your septic alarm is activated. Septic alarms are meant to notify you of serious problems in your tank. One of the reasons the alarm will go off is if you are using excess water. As a result, your system will not be able to keep up, or you may experience leakage. 

You Flushed Inappropriate Items

Your toilet is designed for human waste and toilet paper, and your sink drain is designed for water. Flushing inappropriate items like baby wipes, napkins, or diapers down your toilet can clog your drains. Additionally, household toxins like paint and cleaners can damage the bacteria in your septic tank. This bacterium helps decompose solid waste and destroying it could cause a septic system failure. 

Nitrate Concentration

If you use water from a well, you should regularly test the nitrate concentration level of the water. In many cases, if the nitrate levels are high, there is a problem with your septic tank.

For example, a septic tank leak can pollute the soil and groundwater. This can lead to various health problems. Also, if you find that the nitrate levels are too high, it is likely that your septic tank is full. This means you should contact emergency septic pumping services.

Buildup in Your Septic Tank

One of the main reasons for septic tank pumping is to address buildup in the tank. If you continue using a tank that is filled with an accumulation of waste products, it may be clogged, leading to a series of costly repairs. You need to follow your pumping schedule to avoid the overflowing of sediments in your leach field. One sign of excessive buildup is slower draining of water and bubbling toilets.

Drain Field Pooling

Another emergency septic tank pumping scenario is drain field pooling. It is easy to notice drain field pooling because most drain fields are located near the house. Look for standing water on your lawn. This could be caused by a clogged pipe or drain field failure. Septic tank pumping can help resolve this problem.

In Closing

It is crucial to track the dates when you conduct septic tank pumping. You should also monitor your household's usage of toilets, showers, and kitchen sink water. Avoid using excess water and flushing inappropriate items down your drains. With proper septic tank maintenance, cleaning, and pumping, your septic system can last for years without any alarming issues.

Contact a local septic pumping service to learn more.