3 Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping

Septic tanks are typically very reliable and will often last for many years before needing to be replaced. However, your septic tank will need to be pumped from time to time to ensure it continues working properly and does not overflow. Since septic tanks fill up at different rates depending on a variety of factors, it can be difficult for many property owners to determine when it is time to have their tanks pumped. If you have found yourself struggling with this same issue, the following three signs can help to alert you when it is time to have your septic tank pumped.

#1: Your Drains Are Running Slowly

There are many different reasons why your drains may run slow. For example, if there is a clog in your drain, you will often find that the water drains much slower. However, if you find that all of the drains in your home are running slow, there is a good chance that this issue is the result of your septic tank being full. 

#2: There Is A Foul Odor In Or Around Your Home

Septic tanks are designed to prevent the smell of sewage from being detectable above ground. However, if your septic tank is full or close to being full, you will often find that this odor is quite noticeable either in your yard or coming from the drains in your home. This is because when your septic tank nears capacity, the sewage inside your tank will begin to overflow into your drain field or back up into the pipes leading into your home. If you notice this type of foul odor, it is important that you take action to have your septic tank pumped rather than simply trying to mask the smell with air fresheners or other products. Failing to address this issue can result in sewage backing up into your home or yard. 

#3: Your Drain Field Is Exceptionally Green

While you may find it difficult to imagine exceptionally green grass being a problem, this can be a warning sign that your septic tank needs to be pumped. When your tank begins to fill up, excess water and waste will be released into the drain field to try and prevent the tank from overflowing. This waste makes great fertilizer and will often cause the grass in your drain field to be much healthier than the surrounding lawn. Consequently, it is always a good idea to have your tank pumped if you notice your drain field looking exceptionally lush and green. 

Reach out to a septic tank pumping service to learn more.